Dampkring Coffeeshop is easy to find when in Amsterdam.

Located near the famous Amsterdam Flower market, it is one of the nicest areas of the city to check out. Dampkring Coffeeshop. Amsterdam is by foot from central station Amsterdam just a 10min strawl trough the lovely center of Amsterdam.

Dampkring coffeeshop Amsterdam is open:

Monday 10.00 – 01.00
Tuesday 10.00 – 01.00
Wednesday 10.00 – 01.00
Thursday 10.00 – 01.00
Friday 10.00 – 01.00
Saturday 10.00 – 01.00
Sunday 10.00 – 01.00

Dampkring is open to persons 21 years of age or over

Original Dampkring Coffeeshop

Handboogstraat 29

1012XM Amsterdam

Open the route description in google maps >>>

Some people might think that is not the dampkring i went?, that can be correct……..there is another coffeeshop with the same name because there used to be 2 dampkring coffeeshops. The ownership changed and they split up, the Original Dampkring Handboogstraat is the only thing that remains as the Original high quality Coffeeshop we used to know.

Dampkring Haarlemmerstraat is no longer affiliated with the Original Dampkring Handboogstraat, the only thing still remaining is the same name.

Totally different menu’s and atmosphere, the quality in the menu is also a lot different, personally i only smoke Dampkring Handboogstraat because of the quality, pricing  and choice.

Therefore i would not  feel comfortable with directing you to the wrong Dampkring because that might result in a completely different Amsterdam Coffee experience. It migth feel fine for you, but i cant decide on your behalf…..i just give you my personal opinion