Whats on the Menu?

Like one of the many tourists visiting original Dampkring coffeeshop Amsterdam, whom try to steal the menu of the original Dampkring Coffeeshop, i went on a mission. With a clever played “oceans twelve” plan i put my “sting” in progress and succeeded in “stealing” a menu from original Dampkring Handboogstraat. I digitally enhanced it a little bit so you could also check out my price trophy. O yeah, i want to appologize to Dampkring for Stealing the Menu, but i really thought this was the coolest place-mat i could have 🙂


sorry guys had to “borrow”a new version, so heres the latest Original dampkring menu

A small selection of strains available in Dampkring Coffeeshop:


My Favorite Sativa strains:

  • Ceres Hilton – Very fruity taste and a clear high to keep me focused for work 😉
  • Kalimist – My all time favorite, a classic my ever first real sativa experience
  • Mexican Haxe –  Just because i really like to say – haze hombre…mejicano haze hombre
  • G13 Amnesia – Really boosts my creativity, or atleast i think i am creative


My Favorite Indica Strains:

  • Bubblegum – Mainly because it was a classic the day it was grown for the first time
  • Hashplant – Rainyday, Lots of food in the house, couple of good movies…thats Hashplant for me
  • Chocolope – Basically i am a great fan of thai food, therefore the flavour is just the way i like my food


My favorite Hashies:

  • Nepalese Pollen – Really nice taste and the active high i always get from good black hashish
  • Super Tbizla – I always ask the dealers in coffeeshop….you know when it smells like flowers
  • Dahab – Full body flavour, like a full fruity red wine…makes me feel distinguished
  • Aisha –  I knew a really nice girl named Aisha, and same as her it is nice…