Original Dampkring Fanbase ….. Who Are we?

Original Dampkring Fanbase Amsterdam…..to make a long story, more pleasant to read……i decided to give a little explanatory about who we are.
Most of us born and raised in the lovely city of Amsterdam growing up in a cannabis tollerant sociëty, we joined (or joint) forces to represent our lifestyle and the place we like.

Basically it started out because we wanted to make a Bowie the cat fanclub, but it seemed to be not just about Bowie, it was the whole atmosphere that made us come together….

Therefore if you have any questions about Dampkring as Dampkring it self we advice you to contact them personally because all we can give you is our point of view

If you yourself are also a big fan of Original Damprking Coffeeshop ,and you want to respresent…..Join(t) our ranks at The Dampkring Fanbase



Coffeeshops are not allowed to have their own website,

because of the tollerance laws that makes it prohibited to advertise. We as loyal customers and pot smokers think everyone should be well educated as it comes to smoking , drinking, smoking pot, sex, drugs and rock and roll…..therefore we made this website for Coffeeshop Dampkring Amsterdam.

READ!!! we are not in any way connected to Dampkring, besides the fact that i smoke there daily and like the hot belgian chocolate milk so much.

Again i would like to state that this is a pure educational and entertainment website for Dampkring, all the photo’s and footage placed on this site is collected of the internet or supplied by Friends and Fans.

We also would like to ask you as a Friend or Fan to send us your, photo,video or story about your  Dampkring Amsterdam experience.

We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

In the end, i would say that i hope to meet you there at the bar one day, we can have a drink and as we would say……

have a smoke and a smile!