Dampkring Coffeeshop is not like many of the other coffeeshops you will find in  in Amsterdam. Some coffeeshops can be a little intimidating to first timers. Shady , dark and overcrowded at  the moment you enter you feel watched and doing something illegal….that will give you the wrong impression of a real Amsterdam Coffeeshop. The Dampkring is something hardly comparable to a Coffeeshop. It’s a  coffeeshop both for first timers and long cannabis proffesionals, a mix of tourists and locals make it feel like everyone is welcome.

What makes Dampkring Coffeeshop different is its spacious feel, and gorgeous interior. The interior of the coffeeshop is a mix of so fresh and so clean with cosy colouring and intriging lights. Due to the combinations of Arabic, Bohemian and Budha influences it gives a worldly feeling to the place. There’s enough space to sit down , and lots of space where you can be nice and comfortable for your original Dampkring Amsterdam experience


The Dampkring caters to a meltingpot of people, young, old,artists,celebrities,yuppies eveybody seems to fit in. Dampkring can be quit busy at certain points of the day, but since the staff is quick and capable you wont have to wait long to be served

Dampkring Coffeeshop Amsterdam, makes the whole Amsterdam experience one to remember. Like in the old days you will be able to enjoy a friendly surrounding and an excellent smoke menu with a variëty of strains that are well cured, so you  are in the possibility to enjoy high quality smoke as we do also.



Dampkring is such a place by itself that even in Hollywood they thought so,  they shot a scene for the movie Oceans 12 with Brad Pitt and George Clooney.these days even Non smokers come there to see the place from the movie……. They even have a type of marijuana named after the film.

The Oceans Twelve movie sort of triggered the hollywood invasion and made Dampkring Coffeeshop a popular hang out for foreign celebrities to visit while in Amsterdam.


The staff at Dampkring is capable and friendly, They’re also very helpfull and patient, which can be something of a rarity in Amsterdam coffeehouses, where tourists aren’t always made to feel welcome. Dampkring is also a great place to connect with all kinds of people from all over the world, as it’s  one of the best in the city of Amsterdam, locals ,tourist, young and old seem to find their way there. Something about the vibe  (and the cannabis, of course) enlightens conversations, making it easy to end up in a conversation with a neighbour at the bar or table

These days most Coffeeshops have a menu that doesnt differ much from the next door neighbour, Dampkring stands lonely at the top as it comes to menu choices, old skool strains, old skool grown, old skool pricing and old skool vibes…what more can you want as a customer of true Amsterdam Coffee. We hope to see you there and have a smoke with you at the bar of the most fine Coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

enjoy your smoke……