Follow the adventures from the Cat of Cannabis, on instagram you will get the cats eye persepective of bowie’s world.

if you have photo’s of Bowie be sure to tag bowie in it #originaldampkringbowie so we can give you a paw’s up.

The Cat of Cannabis – il Gatto del Dampkring

This is bowie, a.k.a the Cat of Cannabis a proud resident of Dampkring Coffeeshop Amsterdam.

If you want to meet Bowie the Cat of Cannabis come visit Dampkring Handboogstraat 29 Amsterdam. If you have more photo’s of Bowie please mail them to us because we just found all these on the internet : Bowie Fanclub¬†

For feline pussycats to come in contact with Bowie the can also mail and if they include a picture they always get reply

We would love to see more pictures made by visitors of Dampkring Coffeeshop.

please mail us all the ones you have. Amsterdam Coffee’s favorite model Bowie is still one of the favorite things that make Original Dampkring Handboogstraat a place with a warm welcomish feel like coming home.

In the beginning we suspected Bowie of being Def or at least hard hearing because he didnt react to much of what we tried to xplain to him. Now several years later we found out that Dampkring’s Bowie is just very selective with whom or what he listens to…….basically just like you and me. Bowie asked me to ask you, that next time you visit bring him some cat toys or cat nip and he’ll be your friend for life. He would also like to see all the pictures you made so he can expand his portfolio and he can freelance model for catfood commercials, so please………………… join the Bowie Fanclub and mail us your Bowie the Cat of Cannabis pictures