Weedpass in Holland

There are a lot of stories in circulation about the dutch policy change and the introduction of the weedpass.

We will keep you informed on the how,why and when this is affecting the foreign visitors to Amsterdam.

At this moment the dutch government is working on the so called weed pass, the weedpass can be obtained by people who have legal residency in the netherlands and are thereby registered cannabis users. At this moment the law is not fully active all over the Netherlands and is now running trial period in the southern parts of the Netherlands. This allready resulted in chaos and an enormous rise in uncontrolled street dealers but the government claims this will be under control soon

The Dutch government plans to have this law pushed down our troat as soon as they can, but in the dutch citizens rises a lot of rebelion as it comes to beimng registered as a cannabis user, because rumour has it that soon they will have higher health care costs due to their registered cannabis usage. We will find out what the ins en outs in this situation are and will keep you updated about the situation.

Weedpass in the Netherlands

Weed passport in the Netherlands

For more detailed information we would like to redirect you to the website of the dutch government