Cat of cannabis

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Known as the Cat of Cannabis or Il Gato di Dampkring but the insiders know him as Bowie, Bowie became sort of a celebrity over the years and therefore we made a whole section of this dampkring handboogstraat website deddicated to Dampkring’s own Bowie the Cat

you can check out Bowie’s portfolio here and be sure to send us your Bowie pictures


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Dampkring Handboogstraat Amsterdam, is not just a coffeeshop. It has a unique interior and a warm feel of welcome. Due to the mix of visiting nationalities and the real Amsterdam vibe there sort of is that “lets all get a long” atmosphere, hence the name Dampkring which means atmosphere in Dutch.

If you are looking for the old skool Amsterdam Coffee feeling we suggest you take a sip of Dampkring 🙂

Amsterdam Coffee

mei 29, 2012 in dampkring amsterdam shop

Amsterdam Coffee?

What is Amsterdam Coffee?