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september 24, 2014 in Coffeeshop News

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Recently in Parool newspaper ther was an item on Bar and Shop Tigers….The Amsterdam cats.

Ofcourse Bowie was featured as him being the original Cat of Cannabis….we are still trying to get our hands on good digital copies of the item and as soon as we have, we will update them to you.

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Koos Zwart 1947-2014

mei 9, 2014 in Coffeeshop News

Thursday 8th of May 2014 Amsterdam, Today we are sorry to say that one of Amsterdam most excentric and loyal cannabis activist has passed away. Koos Zwart was a pioneer of the first hour, a true activist and most of all true to the cause and we hope his legacy will help legalization world wide.

koos zwartAs one of the founders of Amsterdam’s famous Pop temple Paradiso and doing radio for the Vara Radio “de rooie Haan” Koos Zwart used his platform to present what now is called the legendary “Stock exchange quotes”. In this he presented on national radio the gram prices for the diverse of smokeables available on the Dutch market in the 70’s/80’s.

Koos Zwart was the son of Irene Vorrink ( former Dutch minister of health) who together with Prime minister Dries van Agt sort of became the poster children for the Dutch tolerance policy, de-criminalisation made the Dutch soft drug policy a world wide talk of the town.


We would like to leave you this youtube clip with the stock exchange news from Koos Zwart, so you can remember him and thank him for all the steps he made so now or maybe in the near future you can also enjoy cannabis if you choose to without it being illegal.

R.I.P – Koos Zwart 1947 – 2014


The Weedpass in the Netherlands

mei 29, 2012 in Coffeeshop News

Weedpass in Holland

There are a lot of stories in circulation about the dutch policy change and the introduction of the weedpass.

We will keep you informed on the how,why and when this is affecting the foreign visitors to Amsterdam.

At this moment the dutch government is working on the so called weed pass, the weedpass can be obtained by people who have legal residency in the netherlands and are thereby registered cannabis users. At this moment the law is not fully active all over the Netherlands and is now running trial period in the southern parts of the Netherlands. This allready resulted in chaos and an enormous rise in uncontrolled street dealers but the government claims this will be under control soon

The Dutch government plans to have this law pushed down our troat as soon as they can, but in the dutch citizens rises a lot of rebelion as it comes to beimng registered as a cannabis user, because rumour has it that soon they will have higher health care costs due to their registered cannabis usage. We will find out what the ins en outs in this situation are and will keep you updated about the situation.

Weedpass in the Netherlands

Weed passport in the Netherlands

For more detailed information we would like to redirect you to the website of the dutch government

Cat of cannabis

mei 29, 2012 in Coffeeshop News, slide

Known as the Cat of Cannabis or Il Gato di Dampkring but the insiders know him as Bowie, Bowie became sort of a celebrity over the years and therefore we made a whole section of this dampkring handboogstraat website deddicated to Dampkring’s own Bowie the Cat

you can check out Bowie’s portfolio here and be sure to send us your Bowie pictures