Original Dampkring Coffeeshop FanBase Amsterdam

Original Dampkring  Fanbase Welcomes you,

Years of growing up in the City of Amsterdam makes us knowledgeable of what goes on in the most beautifull city in the Netherlands. We decided to share that knowledge with everyone who is interested, and wants to know what is going on in the Amsterdam Coffeeshop scene. We ourselves are cannabis enthousiasts and enjoy good quality smoke and fine surroundings, therefore we made this Dampkring Coffeeshop Amsterdam website.

Since Coffeeshops in Holland are not allowed to have their own website, we decided to make a Damkpkring Coffeeshop Amsterdam Fan Website. Ourselves Local Amsterdammers are regular visitors of the best Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Therefore if you want to have information concerning issue’s that have nothing to do with being a fan, we suggest you try to get in contact with the Dampkring coffeeshop themselves.

Dampkring Amsterdam is situated in the Handboogstraat 29 in Amsterdam. Near the famous Amsterdam Flower market.


A High quality selection on the menu and a  friendly atmosphere make you feel welcome.

On this website you will find information about Cannabis strains, Cannabis education, the dutch Coffeeshop policy changes and ofcourse a lot of more fun things. We  like to inform you about all because in our point of view the lack of tollerance is just a result of the lack of knowledge and education as it comes to cannabis or marihuana related lifestyles.

We are hoping to keep you well informed so you can enjoy your Amsterdam Coffee as much as we do and that places like Dampkring Handboogstraat will always remain there to be the meltingpot of sociëty, where young and old connect, rich and poor unite and you and me can have a smoke…..

Therefore i am open to all suggestions and tips or educational advice, because i am pretty sure i am not the only fan of Dampkring Handboogstraat Amsterdam